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Anastasija Valuka

Anastasija Valuka

Surgeon specializing in phlebology and proctology

Provides consultations, implements therapy and dynamic follow-up in the event of surgical, phlebological and proctological diseases in adults. Provides services covered by insurance companies and fee-based services.

Education and work experience

  • 2019-

    Surgeon with specialization in proctology and phlebology SIA '' Veselības centrs 4 ''

  • 2018-2019

    Lecturer at Daugavpils Medical College, Daugavpils University

  • 2012-2019

    Trainee doctor at Daugavpils Regional Hospital

  • 2012-2019

    Residency at Riga East Clinical University Hospital and Daugavpils Regional Hospital

  • 2012

    Graduated from Riga Stradins University, obtaining a doctor's degree