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National programs


  • prenatal care and childbirth;
  • early cancer detection programme – cervical oncocytology, screening test.

Private Clinic Ģimenes veselība has a contract on state-funded medical services. There are waiting lists for outpatient services.

Patients only have to pay the patient fee set by the State under the state-funded service programme. You need to have a referral to investigation issued by your general practitioner or specialist and an identification document. Please remember that the referring physician must have contractual relations with the National Health Service.



Referred by:


  • of the abdominal organs
  • thyroid gland, prostate, organs of uropoietic system;
  • breast;
  • gynaecological.
General practitioner, specialist                     
Doppler sonography of the blood vessels of head and neck General practitioner, specialist   
Functional examinations of the cardiovascular system          General practitioner, specialist   

Services provided in the Day Care Facility, incl.:
surgical services – gynaecology in the Day Care Facility

General practitioner, specialist   
Specialist-endocrinologist       General practitioner
Specialist-neurologist  General practitioner
Specialist-gynaecologist Without referral