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Experienced gynaecologists and midwives at the Private Clinic Ģimenes veselība take care of our clients' reproductive health by providing gynaecological care and care for pregnant women. The rooms are equipped with modern ultrasound equipment to provide the necessary diagnostic information during the appointment. If you need a more extensive examination, we offer it to be performed by the best ultrasound specialists using a Premium-class ultrasonograph.

The Private Clinic Ģimenes veselība has joined the cervical cancer screening programme. If you have received an invitation letter and would like to see one of our doctors, there will be a charge for the appointment, but no charge for the cytologic examination. In this case, the invitation letter and the cervical cytology screening card attached to the letter will serve as a referral for the state-funded cytologic examination – therefore, don't forget to take it with you!

We offer:

  • treatment of gynaecological diseases;
  • various tests;
  • prenatal care, cardiotocography (recording and assessing foetal heart tones);
  • family planning and choice of contraception;
  • infertility diagnosis and treatment, in collaboration with the Embrions Centre for Reproductive Medicine,
  • addressing menopausal issues;
  • modern diagnosis;
  • therapeutic procedures and manipulations;
  • gynaecological surgeries in Day Care Facility.



Diagnostic procedures:

  • ultrasound examinations,
  • ultrasound examinations for pregnant women,
  • ultrasonographic assessment of uterine tubes patency,
  • colposcopy – cervical abnormalities diagnosed by colposcope, which is used when an abnormality is visually diagnosed in the cervix and requires further investigation,
  • hysteroscopy – an endoscopic technique of diagnosing intrauterine abnormality used in the diagnosis of congenital anomalies of the uterine cavity, septate uterus, adhesions, intramural tubal pathologies, submucosal myomas, differential diagnosis (with or without biopsy) of unspecified uterine masses and endometrial polyps,
  • aspirate from the uterine cavity,
  • biopsy sample collection from the uterine cervix.

Manipulations and treatment procedures:

  • MonaLisa Touch®
  • cryodestruction (using liquid nitrogen gas),
  • treatment of the cervix with drugs,
  • insertion and removal of the intrauterine device (price includes local cervical anaesthesia),
  • vaccination against human papillomavirus. The vaccine prevents viral infection, reducing the risk of cervical cancer. The vaccine is indicated for girls and women aged 9-26 years.

We perform the following gynaecological surgeries in the Day Care Facility:

  • diagnostic abrasion of the uterine cavity and cervix,
  • removal of the uterine cavity and cervix polyps,
  • early termination of pregnancy by vacuum aspiration (vacuum abortion),
  • hysterosalpingography – tubal patency examination for infertility,
  • intrauterine spiral insertion and removal under anaesthesia,
  • examination of the uterine cavity by hysteroscopy,
  • hysteroresectoscopy.

More than 300 pregnant women are registered for prenatal care in Private Clinic Ģimenes veselība. Doctors and midwives work together to provide care that meets every pregnant woman's needs, and a series of lectures is organised for parents-to-be.

We pay special attention to ultrasound in the first and second trimesters of pregnancy.


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