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APLIO A for precise ultrasonography examinations

09. October | 2023.

APLIO A for precise ultrasonography examinations

In order to constantly upgrade medical equipment with medical technologies and provide patients with the highest quality services, the "Veselības centrs 4" group company "Privātklīnika "Ģimenes veselība”" purchased a new ultrasonography (USG) device - the ultrasonography device (USG) of the industry leader Canon Medical Systems equipment Aplio A. 

The imaging technologies integrated in the USG device provide high image resolution, they can be used to evaluate the most detailed changes in tissue structures. The accuracy of examinations allows to apply the most appropriate treatment in time, to achieve the best results.

The Aplio A USG device is equipped with several diagnostic probes for various examinations. With the Aplio A device, specialists will perform examinations of the organs of the abdominal cavity, ultrasonography of the mammary glands, thyroid gland examinations, as well as gynecological USG and USG examinations of pregnant women.

Ultrasonography (USG) is an informative, quickly performed visual diagnostic examination; it is painless, safe, non-invasive, harmless, because it does not use ionizing radiation - X-rays, but uses ultrasound - high-frequency sound waves, so USG can also be performed on pregnant women.

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