About Us

“Axe Logistics” is a 3PL provider, offering forwarding services for manufacturers, trading and logistic companies. We offer reliable services on the following routes:

  • from main industrial locations in Europe, Far East and U.S.A. to C.I.S. region;
  • from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Russia to final destinations in the West and Persian Gulf;
  • transportation within C.I.S. and Customs Union;
  • from Baltics to the importing destinations worldwide

Why us?

We provide a wide range of services in a significant number of areas.
We have extensive experience working with many large traders and manufacturers.
We execute the entire process of work fast without prejudice to the quality.
We provide the optimal ratio of price and quality of services.
We care about maximum security and stability. Your cargo will be safe and delivered on time, despite unstable external circumstances.
We constantly improve the qualification of all the staff. Our employees are always ready to provide full and detailed information about our work and give maximum support during the whole process of cooperation.

quality is our standard